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First thing that i was thinking once i bought my domain name.

How do i get free email for my domain name?

First name comes up  in my mind was google then i did some research and i findout that google stops their free email service to paid for everyone. After a while i was seaching for a good free Email Service with customized with your own domain name what i did found is:- With Microsoft latest you can setup own email adress with unlimited space and spam filter and all service that normally all Email Server provides. you can get it free. 

After that i did start looking for how to setup your domain name to use Outlook finally i did it and its working so nicely for me.

So here is the solution for anyone who is looking to setup free email service for their domain name and they can start using it for free email of their own domain name.

Here are the few steps for you to setup free email service for personal domain name:-

This link has a quick overview on how Windows outlook admin screen works: Windows Live.



Step2:- click on get Started

type your domain name:- and in my case it was



Step3:- as soon as you click continue it asked you to verify domain name with adding an mx record for your domain name.

If you are not sure how to setup mx record for your domain name then click here.

Usually it is different for different hosting company.


Once domain name is been verified then click refresh and then onwards you can click Add button to add Email address.

How to check your email?

Sign in at with your new e-mail address, e.g.


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