How to turn off URL Rewrite in Mangeto2

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How to turn off URL Rewrite in Mangeto2

When i was developing magento2 extension it is always good to turn off url rewrite in magento.

What is the difference between turn on url rewrite and turn off url rewrite?

Turn On URL Rewrite PRODUCT PAGE:-

Turn off URL Rewrite PRODUCT PAGE:-

If you have turn off magento2 url rewrite then you will know exactly which module and which controller and which action magento execute from above url you will know it will execute Mage_Catalog module, ProductController.php and viewAction from that file.

In magento2 admin panel:

store-> setting -configuation -> catalog -> catalog ->search engine optimization

And turn off the url rewrite.

Next i did went on front end and check it that is it working for me? But unfortunately answer was no.

So finally i have to open up PhpMyAdmin and check the magento2 core_url_rewrite table and all the data was inside the table.

then i did execute

TRUNCATE core_url_rewrite;

Now i went on frontend and it starts working.


Simply if you want to turn off magento2 First thing you will do is:- turn off url rewrite in admin panel. Then you have to truncate the core_url_rewrite table from magento2 database.

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