What is Magento2?

First of all if you are looking for a Magento2 Developer please contact us.

Magento is one of the best E-commerce platform available now days. It is widely used not just because it is simple to use but it is because it provides a lot of features as well.

Here is the chart that will shows how good magento is


E commerce Websites chart


Here we will show you some of the feature list for the magento2.

  • Catalog management
  • CMS Feature
  • Marketting Tool and Coupon codes
  • Administration Management
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO friendly URL)
  • Visual Editor
  • Credit Card Processing (We build our own DPS payment Extension (for NZ ) as well

If you want a full list of magento features please download this pdf.

Kdecom provide all service related to Magento2

  • Magento2 Website Development
  • Magento2 Extension
  • 3rd party software integration
  • Website Changes.
  • Change some Magento Features
  • Marketting Skill
  • SEO for Magento2

So yes if you have any query or any issue regarding Magento2 feel free to send us an email using our contact us page.