Map file provided does not return a map in zf2

Sep 14, 2012   //   by kdecom   //   zend framewok 2, ZEND FRAMEWORK, zf2  //  No Comments
Hi i was working on Zf2 and i am trying to create a new module.

but i got the keep getting one exception

ZendLoaderExceptionInvalidArgumentException: Map file provided does not return a map. Map file: “PATH_TO_APPLICATIONmoduleAlbum/autoload_classmap.php” in PATH_TO_APPLICATIONvendorzendframeworkzendframeworklibraryZendLoaderClassMapAutoloader.php on line 89
After trying out alot of stuff i realise that i miss to create one file called

autoload_classmap inside my module album.

Just create an file with 

return array();
That fixed up my bug.

I hope that helps to others

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