Zend Framework 2 hello world example

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Zend Framework 2 Hello world
Zend Framework 2 Hello world

Hello I am start learning new zend framework 2 so i think let just start with hello world example.

If someone is keen to download my project please go to google hosting and you can checkout.

If you are not sure how to checkout in net beans please use this tutorial here.

Specially there is not a lot for me to say here. But just have a quick look on the folder structure.

Its different. Now everything is a module based.

Now if you notice here every module can have different layout now. it is handy specially when you want the front end side needs layout and admin needs different layout.
I know you can do it in old zend framework too. But in this layout folder is inside a module which makes more sense.

Its very simple if anyone don’t understand please comment it here.
I will reply and try to update the post.

[freebiesub download=”http://www.kdecom.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/zf2-hello-world.zip”]



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